Besides the obvious what is the Neutral Switch for

I broke the tabs off the neutral switch last night, when pulling the motor, and was just wondering what its function is. I know this is a sending unit to the CDI to indicate in neutral or not but for what reason? Anyways I got to replace it cuz I broke the tab off trying to wiggel the damn thing out :) seems that the plastic becomes brittle due to heat. Anyways thanx yall.

i beleive it limits the rpm a little lower when in neutral :)

I think when it let's the CDI know it's in neutral, the CDI lowers the voltage to the spark plug.

Replace it with a ZipTy nuetral switch cover. Just do away with it. Follow the wire up to where it connects to the plug that plugs into the cdi. Cut the wire. It will be a light blue colored wire. As stated before, it just limits the rpms while in nuetral.

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