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part 2 of my problem

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heh i think im ridin this bike too hard, things keep breakin 🙂 but anyways heres what i was just told...

the owner of our honda dealer has said that my shock cant be rebuilt, i have to buy a whole new one. i dont think this is right but she's known dad all her life and hes the one who talked to her. but if i am going to have to get a whole new shock im gonna say screw it and buy a cr85 shock. now what all do i have to do to make it fix? or what about a kx100 shock cuz i thought somebody did that not too long ago. im pretty sure tho that i could send it off to someone like pro circuit and they could replace the seal and revalve it. or does anyone have a used cr85 shock i could buy or know where i could buy one? because if i do get one im not too fond of the thought of shellin out $450 for a brand new one

sorry for all the trouble

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