Tightening steering head

I followed the service manual steps on tightening the steering head nut (the one below the top triple clamp). This gives me a smooth rotation from lock-to-lock for the bottom triple clamp. But once I place the top triple clamp on and tighten the top nut to the correct torque, the smooth rotation is gone. I made sure the nut below the top triple clamp is not turning as I torque the top nut down. What might I be doing wrong or are the bearings shot? :)

Bearings are shot. replace them. :)

I had the same problem, bearings were ok. I simply loosened the steering head nut a bit and re-tightened the top nut to the correct torque.

I have a scotts triple clamp maybe thats the reason?

When you torque the top nut, it tends to tighten up the adjuster nut as well....I set mine to just get rid of the slop, then torque the top nut and all is good.

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