yz450- piston

Hey, I'm thinking about getting a used yz450f in september.. I'm coming off a xr200r..it was good for a first bike, but i out grew it real fast. Is there a lot less maintenance on a yz450f compared to a yz250? How often should the piston/rings be changed. My friends all change the rings on there 2 strokes after about 20 hours of track, so i figured the 4 stroke would be able to keep the same rings for longer. I wouldn't think the bottom end would need replacing. Also, what are some signs that the piston would need to be changed? I would be using it mostly for trail riding, some mx, and just racing buddies. Any information on this would be helpful..


My '03 has about 200-225 hours on it, and has yet to need its first valve adjustment. When I do its first valve job, I'll look at the piston and see if it needs replacement then, but I don't know when that will be.

My 250F had somewhere around 400 hours on it when the valves wore out, and the bore was straight, and the piston had no measureable wear.

It costs a lot more to rebuild a YZF than a two-stroke, but you don't have to do it very often.

Thats plenty of riding time for me...i just have to make sure the piston is in good condition when i buy the bike...thanks alot

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