9mm float height on a 2004????

i have been noting my bike loosing allot of fuel. for one, i was hitting RES @ about 90km and that seems a bit low. also when i pulled away from a stop or in a corner it would spit a bit of fuel out of the overflow.

i had assumed my float height had knocked it self out of whack and now the fuel was too high in the carb. WRONG. took it apart and it was bang on the 8mm stock height. so i raised the float height to 9mm to lower the fuel height.

the bike seems to run exactly the same and now doesn't dribble fuel from what i have been told{ by fallowing riders}.

any one else had problems like this or messed around with there float height?>

has any one ever noticed gas coming out of there carb when it shouldn't be?

I have seen this on 426's the o-ring on the float bowl valve will wear out and then the float bowl wll always overfill and drip out. Check out Sudco web site and replace the o-ring part #37 on the FCR-MX carb drawing. :)

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