Broken kickstarter shaft

Has anyone else had this happen to an 03 450. Never had a problem until this weekend when the kick lever would not come back up. FYI they don't sell just the shaft. Its sold as an assembly. Retails for $177.

Heard of it.

I believe the reason for not selling the parts is that they changed pretty much all of it.

This happens all the time, the best way to fix it is to get a 2stroke and put pleanty of oil in it!

I just had to replace mine it is an 04.... Be sure and replace the stopper as well after I put the new shaft assembly in the stopper broke on the 2nd ride.

Maybe you shouldn't have wrecked on that berm either Roden450, that might have caused the failure with the stopper, since you crashed on the kickstarter! Maybe next time you should get a bike with less power like the reliable TTR225 or something, maybe then you will feel more comfortable airing it out!

Im not sure yamaha makes a 520 model, I wonder why you are so interested in the 450 forum, could it be the 2 and the 5 are mixed up in your name? I know you know all about the back of a 450. Im sure that KTM will build a bike that can hang someday.

Sure, KTM makes one of the best bikes around, but yamaha's have real sweet graphics! And NO!, Im not in the wrong forum. I have a friend who lets me ride his 04 yzf450, and since Im so much faster than him on it, I can pretty much say I own it! :)

His 450 though needs better jetting, he keeps coming up short on jumps because his bike wont rap out clean! As far as the kickstarter shaft goes, he has pretty much fixed it, until he wrecks it in a lame berm again! I dont know :)

I had the exact same problem, and it happened on the first kick on a weeken trip so i thought I was s.o.l.

I had a really good welder work on it and I think it is stronger than stock.

He filled in the hollow shaft w/ a steel rod, then welded it. then he put it in a lathe and cleaned up the weld.

He did a great job and I was riding later that day.

30 bones was a heck of a lot cheaper than the whole new starter system.

Ya my 450, which I named Tammy, is now running fine! I just had to hit it with a hammer a few times, but I still cant get it to beat my friends KTM 250exc. Gosh I feel like a poser :) , I just need to rip harder I guess! Ole Tammy just cant keep from getting slapped around, I have to :) to the 250exc!

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