Which one to buy? WR or YZ

Hello everyone, sorry if this is a worn out question, but before I go out and spend $6000 on a new dirt bike, I was hoping a few of you could share your opinions on the current top MX fourstrokes (YZF426,WR426, DRZ400(E), XR400, XR650, etc) - or more specifically the YZF426 vs the WR426? I heard that both bikes are great for off road, but the WR is (of course) geared more for trail riding and play, whereas the YZ is set up more for racing. I expect my riding to be somewhere in between.

Incidentally, I am an Expert level roadracer, and my original intention to getting the bike was to use it for some physical training, but mostly just for fun. The YZF426 caught my eye because of all the fanfair and outright MX look to the bike, but I heard the WR426 was awesome as well - and may even be better suited for my needs/desires. I have ridden mostly 2-strokes before (don't like them much). I expect to ride mostly in the Arizona desert (flat out!), perhaps some fast trails, and maybe even an occasional jump or berm or two. I don't really expect to use the thing on big jumps, street, or on slow trails. However, there may be times where I want to go camping - so a good midrange, a light, an electric start, and a kickstand sound nice too (of course I could alway buy aftermarket items).

Thanks in advance. (Note: I asked a similar question to the YZ426 - and DRZ400 guys. Also sorry so long, but it is hard to suggest anything without some info)


Both bikes are awsome and both would work fine for you. But as to the question of which one is better suited to the Arizona desert, then I believe the answer is the WR.

The wide ratio (WR) gearbox has been used for years on bikes for the desert, going way back to the old Huskys. If your riding is going to be high speed you won't want to be "rowing" the gearbox to get to speed.

Plus with the WR you get a light, for night riding in the summer time, considering the heat in AZ. Also you won't have to spent extra money for a kickstand.

I have the WR and have removed the headlight and odometer and ride mostly MX. People have asked why I have a tail light on my YZ. The WR is capable of handling MX. "Capable of handling" is an understatement



86TT225, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. De-octopussed. Works frame guards and Thumper Rad Guards, Scotts steering damper. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank, IMS seat and number plate. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA, Happy Ramblers MXC.

I bought the WR...and ever since then Ive been bombarded with "Why the heck didnt you buy the YZ?" questions.

My response? Lets see...an O-ring chain, lighting coil and lights (read:more flywheel effect), a kickstand, lower first gear, higher 5th gear,etc, etc...

I have seen lots of YZ guys griping about not enough flywheel effect, topping out too quick, etc...

Its a lot cheaper to convert your WR into a "YZ look" than it is to make the YZ a WR in function.

Buy the WR...you wont regret it, trust me. :)

P.S. I ride my in the deserts here in New Mexico as well as in the mountains. This bike is by far the best all around motorcycle I've ever owned, and I've had lots!

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I have owned both. Currently riding a 2001 WR426. I think the WR is more suited for your needs. Just my 2 cents :)


how about the CR 1, 2, 3 of the YZ & the 4th & 5th of the WR?

do MX boys get out of 3rd? could they overrev on that 70 yard straight in third?

YZ 1st, 2nd 3rd

wr 4th & 5th



I went through the same thing when I was looking. I settled on the WR because it was far more versatile. I've currently got mine set up with a UFO plastics front number plate and YZ style rear fender. Why, because I don't have any plans on riding at night and the aftermarket plastic is alot cheaper to replace if you wreck it. If there is a time when I could forsee a late outing I can throw the headlite back on in 10 minutes. The extra flywheel effect you get is a plus as well. Hey that's one of the popular reasons you ride a thumper anyway, traction to the ground. If you want to go to the street you can alot easier with the WR as well. Totally versatile. Go with the WR.



'00 WR 400




hi mate,i,m a national class road racer in

UK,like you got won to keep "on it" over the winter closed season,upside ,keeps you fit,

downside, er brings a new meaning to "on it!!!"i.e.i cant stay on it!

more crashes and pain on the wr than my grsxr!!great fun though.having ridden most of the bikes,with hindsight i,d go for drz enduro,much gruntyer motar,bit more forgiving

if yer just gonna trail-ride play,wr,s more of a racer.

I made the same decision last year- WR400 vs. YZ426. I went with the WR even though it now has a 426 gas tank/IMS seat combo (essential on a motocross track), Acerbis fenders/number plate, pro taper bars/top triple clamp, and I removed the kickstand. I ride the track a lot, but in the open it zooms (magazines report 90mph). The coolant catch can is nice to have out in the desert too. The headlight might go back on in the future if I make it back to southwest for Glamis...

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