broken bolt...guh

I was changing my oil filter when I went to put in the bottom bolt to the oil filter cover and I swear I was using a torch wrench but I broke it in half...what can I do to get the other half that is still in there out or would it be a heck of a lot easier to take it and get it done for me? How much will it cost me either way? Thanks :)

I would take the other two bolts out and remove the cover. See if the broken bolt is sticking out the case enough to get a GOOD pair of vice grips onto it and you should be able to get it out from there.

If it is not protruding then you can get bolt removal drill bits. These go into any normal drill (as long as it is bi-directional) and drill into the broken bolt carefully. The bit is tapered I have used them in the past when i worked at an engineer company and they are successful 80% of the time. Be careful not to damage the casing. Patience and caution will be two tools you need to use for this.

If you are not confident enough to tackle this then speak to an engineer. Although this is probably what they will do anyway.

Here is an example of what to do Broken Bolt Removal

Good luck :)

I'm fully convinced that using a torque wrench on a 6mm bolt is a huge mistake, not nessessary, and is accounting for mentions of broken bolts. I'd bet most peeps are using their one and only torque wrench that they also use on thier auto's lug nuts. It may read 6lbs, but is it accurate at such setting? No!

I'm no master mechanic but I just thread it tight, then give it a small 1/4 turn. Done, finished and never a problem!

Yeah I thought the torque wrench looked a little queer with such a small bolt

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