Should I Ball Hone the Cylinder?

Just wondering should I ball hone the cylinder, the swirl is still noticeable just wondering should I polish it up? :)

You can, but most just use a scotchbrite pad and automatic transmission fluid to clean out the cylinder's built up varnish.

If you are re-ringing, yes, you should. Use a hone about a half inch larger than the cylinder diameter. Use a low speed drill that turns about 500 rpm or so. Dowse the hone in shop solvent or mineral spirits, and run the hone up and down the full length of the cylinder rapidly as you spin it to create the cross hatch pattern. Pull it completely free of the cylinder before stopping the drill. Run the hone just long enough to finish the entire surface.

Wash the cylinder thoroughly when you're finished. When you think it's clean, try this for fun: take a scrap of an old white T shirt, pour some ATF on it, and wipe down the walls. Look at how black the shirt got, hmm? Good thing you didn't leave that in there.

Ball hones remove almost nothing from the cylinder, and in all the years I've been using them, I have never had a ring fail to seat. When I rebuilt my 250F, it burned its last drop of oil before it had 3 hours on it. Absolutely the best thing that ever happened to a ring or cylinder.

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