Selling 2001 WR 426 - Pricing?

I bought this '01 WR 426 as a 2002 left-over. The bike has been excellent in terms of reliability, but does not really suit my needs as a harescramble (raced it in 1) machine. I have been good about changing the oil, air filter, and have not had to adjust the valves. Roughly 2000 miles on the bike. I did the free mods and put a slip-on exhaust, and handlebars and thats it. Some of the plastic is bent looking and the rear brake lever is bent in a little. If I am confident that this would be a reliable and fast bike for the potential buyer, what would be a reasonable asking price ( I live 1.5 hrs north of Philadelphia)? Im not looking to rip anyone off, just get the fair value out of a very reliable bike. Should I bother putting $ into it, trying to make it look like new? Thanks in advance for any estimates or comments. :)

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