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There is an interesting post on on loud exhaust and the sport of off roading. Check it out. Feb 26, you may have to scroll down a little. It brings up a good point or two.

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Everone should read this article,it has many valid points that you may not have even thought of.Good website too.Definitely one to check "daily".

It blows my mind that this issue is just catching on. [The quite DRZS was a major point why I bought it.] I totally agree ,that if the off-road industry takes no steps to quiet down their products they won't be able to sell any. Even closed course machines are to damn loud that they wear you out just being a spectator not to mention the fumes. In my opinion, to little to late. I love this sport and I'm just getting back into it with my 3 kids and would hate to see it die out. It's all a matter of population and popular opinion. I will continue my support of promoting a sport that allows me to have the best times with my kids ,as well as my wife, knowing that I'm building a solid reationship with them and hope they will not go off and do stupid things like I did growing up.....[a mind is a terrible thing...] Mike, I think it's great to see you putting out so much effort to promote a good relatonship with others over the use of forrest and parks....Keep up the good work and let me know if you need any help...Ken

If it's too loud you're too old...

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With that attitude we won't be riding on public land much longer :)

Let me guess - you also ride a Harley & believet that loud pipes saves lives?

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Brian, I didn't know you were such a pup!! :)

Kevin (04/30/1961)

we're both pups kev!!! you for just 6 more weeks & me for exactly a month!!!


nothing to do with harleys, or the right to ride, or hearing you coming or nothing.

don't ever suffer like i do from TINITUS.

it's 21 in september. still no cure.



we know who is part of the few that ruin it for the rest uf us..

Let's just be thankful that Harley doesn't build dirt bikes any more.Could you imagine- loud pipes and helmetless riders wearing fringed black leather MX gear! :shocked:We wouldn't have anywhere to ride if that happened. :)


Quiet pipes save trails!


Thanks for posting this subject. I live and play mostly in Washington State where this is really starting to be a huge issue. I printed the article and talked with my local dealer and got him to post it on thier bulliten board, as well as under the glass on the parts counter. In addition I also gave a copy to a friend who is on the grooming council for the regional snowmobile clubs to circulate. If we ignore this issue, we will have to move to the Canadian tundra eventually if we want to ride.

Rick Graham

It is an important subject. It will definately be a determining factor in regards to the future of our sport. It's not the only issue we have to look at, but it is one of the biggest. Thanks for the feedback and spreading the word. I hope more catch on.

Huh Loud pipes save mountain bikers lives.OUTTA MY WAY FILTH!!!!! BeerDrinker.gif


Nice self portrait

OK I hate noise, my WR wears an original pipe, almost. I added an insert that uses 4 vented venturies to really confuse the gases, sort off gives an alternative long way round at each venturi to break up the pulse. Seems to give better bottom end without lose of the top end, and its quieter.

Not enough effort has been put in by the aftermarket guys.

Having said that I need to tell you what happened to what should have been our local bike park. Knocked back on the grounds of noise. I measured the sound levels on the property and off. Bear in mind that my WR was the only one that could pass the mandatory sound test at this park, forget YZs, these guys were strict. The place was so well timbered that the cicardas made more noise on the property. The nearest farm house was 800meters from the nearest track. I could hear the sound of bikes but not enough noise to get higher readings than ambient. The wind contributed more noise.

In reality a local developer was worried that the sight of bikes in utes would cost him some land sales in that little valley. The issue was not the noise the issue was that some people did not want the park there. Getting rid of the noisy bikes must help, I'm sure of it, but it's always worth looking a little deeper for the real issue.

Harry you are onto it!

It dosen't matter how loud our bikes are or how nice we are as people it comes down to the cold hard facts that suburbia brings developers! And they need raw land that they can destroy which in turn creates wealth and power for local governments. Leaving us existing rate,tax paying land users to explain ourselves! and that my friends is why we have to create quieter bikes,but in the end you could not make a noise and still loose the land you ride on!(If you aren't a prime producer - farmer)

That's just my opinion.

You are right on the money! Face it! we will eventually lose this battle, it is only a matter of how long it will last before we give our last bit of riding rights to the Govt. (who is using the Eco. movement as a front to take our land rights away). I've been taking up motocross racing just in case . But, as long as I'm alive I'll still stand up for our freedoms and right to equal land access.


So Cal Erik

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Yeah and the only way they're gonna take away my right to ride is by prying the handlebars out of my cold dead fingers beavis.gif

On the practical side, the response here (Queensland, Australia) has been to link with the local land holders via the School P&Cs. The Downs trail ride series has been running for over 25 years but now comes close to being our final back up. Check out for the details of rides.

Each ride is hosted by a rural community, usually for the local school. The parents and grandparents provide the properties, a local group of trail-riders, with back up from Dalby Moto-cycle club, make the track using property 4x4 tracks and cow trails.

some of these grazing properties are steep and rocky, others more open.

Each Ride uses at least three seperate tracks, so any given property is used once in three years. The series is so popular with communities that it is difficult to keep the rides to one event per month. A ride can earn a small school ( some time fewer than 50 kids) up to $30 000.

The most popular entertainment (apart from the riding) is the Saturday night video of the "interesting" sections. Guys will do some crazy things in front of a camera. Somehow it's more entertaining than Crusty and Co. if your mates are on screen. The sneeky way to get in more good riding is to volunteer to help set and arrow the track. (Turning up the next week to take the arrows down is the best way to get invited back).

The main track can be challenging at times but generally there is an easy way arrowed around the hard stuff and these hard ways are rated from 1 to 10. There is an afternoon track, about two hours, open on the Saturday and again on the Sunday Afternoon by which time the rocks have been cleared a bit. Most riders can't make it for the Saturday or leave before the Sunday afternoon loop so you can avoid the Sunday morning crowd. I wait 1/2 an hour after the Sunday briefing to let the young guns get away, they may catch me on their second lap but they are much tamer by then. The Quinalo ride (week before last) was dusty but fairly flat. I had a ball. I still turn up to the land use forums and always point out that most riders will not comply with restrictions unless the government is fair, but you need a back up plan. (some thing a little short of the Oklahoma Solution).

The thing that blows my mind is the only 1 HP gain by going to a after market pipe. Plus the stocker having better midrange power. Are they talking about the WR or the YZ?

Well HP wasn't the reason I bought the FMF anyway. It was to shave some weight. Unfortunately, it is loud. But no louder than the stocker with the baffle removed. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to start bringing my stock pipe and baffle in case I get stopped and checked for dBs. A quick switch at the truck will prevent a trip home.

I learned quite a bit last summer. It's not what you do to the bike anyway, it is the rider. As witnessed by getting my butt kicked all over the trails by Cary on his stock DRZ with the baffled muffler.

It does amaze me that the aftermarket companies are not working more diligently to come up with a quieter muffler. IF they are, they are keeping it quiet. FMF tried but basically failed.

Last summer I was very shallow and thought my muffler sounded cool. It also sounded fast, not that I was hauling ass or anything. This year, well I was scared by the threats of land closures. Will I put my stock baffled muffler back in? Not right now. Still to heavy. But if someone comes out with a much quieter pipe, that weighs less, I would spend the money on it.

I wish this were a world that allowed us to do anything we wanted and were "truly free". However even if we are under that delusion we are not "truly free". I have made a choice (by running a vortip) to not offend the non-motorcycling community. My reasoning is that the people who are not in the motorcycling community are the same people who have nothing better to do than attend all of the town meetings and park service meetings. The less ammo that the non-motorcycling has to aim at our sport the better.

I purchased a vortip from Baja Designs. With the vortip in place the bike runs at a reasonable 96 db and I still seem to have the same response from the motor. However I will be taking it to a dyno shop to test with it in and out and will post the results.

I have come to the conclusion that I will spend all of the money necessary to keep people from being pissed at the on and off road motorcycle community. I have watched the local politicians create laws just to keep Harleys off streets and out of towns because of the "performance pipes" chosen by most. I don't deny that the sound that stirs our soul is provided by open pipes. However the number one thing that irritates 99% of the non-motorcycling community is the excessive sound

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