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hmmm.... the sound issue is definatly a problem. and being loud to save ppl is BS!. if you and them are paying attention. the NOISE you think saves ppl would just, well drive you nutz!. i ride at a local atv park in alto TX. yea its cool to hear a huge ass thumper come barreling across a feild, thumpin so loud and strong u can feel it. but you know. my NON baffeled xr430 is more of a pain than anything! i cant hear even a xr650 10 feet in front of me!! mutch less the same dude almost slammin my tail cause i stopped to quick not knowing he was on my ass due to the NOISE!. i just got home from alto, not more than 1 hour ago and dudes!!! my ears are still ringing and my head still hurts from the noise! this dudes xr650 has the baffel removed but still retains the NON functional spark arrestor and his bike isnt near as loud as a totaly non baffeled non spark arrestor xr400. when i rode the 650 it was sooo nice to actualy hear ANYTHING other than my lud ass thumper!.

hes a simple and power making way of reducing noise on any kind of ATV or motorcycle. wrap the header or pipe in header tape! its thick and gets rid of most of the forward noise from any pipe. if you mount the stuff correctly the paint it, it looks really cool! and keeps the noise to a minimum, adding any kinda noise reducing tip along with the header tape will make that beast sooo quiet! i agree totally on the noise issue! and yess it is the manufactures fault for not addressing this issue from the beginning!

im shure some of you old timers will know what a sleeper is? why not go back to the glory days when you ride was so quiet that no one knew what you had! till you blew their doors off with raw power! and yess you youngins! power can be quiet!

my only complaint agaist a lack of noise will be the wildlife getting in the way, but hell ive seen a dude on a non baffled DS650 run over 2 rabbits and hit birds even with all his noise! maybe we need somekinda animal scarythng that mounts anywhere on your ride and produces a horrible noise that WE cant hear{similar to the deer thngs ppl put on cars}.

just my 2 cents

He even writes with an accent!!!

Hey WRLover, if I am to old, you are to slow. You know what they say about Old age and treachery?

The older I get, the faster I was.

D.O.B 10/1/35

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