Spring Rates

Own a canadian WR450F 2004. Would like to know what are the stock spring rates. I went to a specific tuner here in the Netherlands and gave me the following rates: stock and ideal for my weight 83kgs, do they sound right?

Front stock: 4.15 -> 4.6 ideal

Shock stock: 4.5 -> 5.9 ideal

I basically do woods riding sometimes baja

According to Race Tech:

Stock Fork = .460 kg/mm

Stock shock = 5.3 kg/mm

Ideal rate for 83kgs rider:

Fork = 0.450 kg/mm

Shock = 5.28 kg/mm

As you can see, stock springs are very close to ideal for your weight. You might want to look for another tuner...

In the manual for my 03 450, the Euro spec bikes have softer/different spring rates than the US models. The tuner may be correct, assuming Robert has a Euro model.

Do you have the 04 owners/service manual Robert? That would be a good place to check for recommended rates for your weight. If you don't have the manual, maybe someone with an 04 could help you out. Or use the Race Tech suggestions. I used the Race Tech site to respring a KTM with good results.

I used the owners/service manual quidelines to respring my 03 and I'm extremely happy with the result.

My 03 wr450 has had the suspension reworked by mxtech. I don`t know what has been done to it but the rear is perfect and the front is just a touch stiff for my liking.

Hummm...This might be a good question for the Canadian riders. Are Canadian WR's sprung to European spec?

Indeed the spring rates are different for US, European and Canadian&Australian bikes. I don't have the service manual, but rember too have that, If I recall correctly the US bikes have the softest springs whereas the candian bikes have stiffer springs. I just need to know how stiff before I change the springs w/o having the need to change. (I am presently in Europe and do not have my bike here otherwise I could check, so I need help from some of my Thumper friends to figure out) Thanks and look forward too

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