Just purchased 95 XR 600

Just purchase a 1995 XR 600. New to ThumperTalk. Want some advice.

How should my carb be set up?

Bike contains K&N filter, Husky exhaust?(thumps low, loud reved), 13t front sprocket 48t rear. Otherwise bike is stock. Ride between 5000 and 10000 ft.

I ride trails in 1st thru 3rd.

Your help is appreciated

P.S. The bike hesitates sometimes in 1st when you get on it.

Sorry I cant help with jet advise, I run a 55/158 but run at Sea level to 5000ft.

I run this jetting at 100m (300 ft) to 400m (1200 ft) and it works great-

155 main jet- 1 size richer than stock

62 pilot jet- stock

airscrew 2.5 turns out- stock 2 turns out

needle 3rd (middle) clip position- stock

float height 14.5mm- stock

*You could use this jetting as a starting point and if needs be, got one size leaner (smaller) with the jets at a time.

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