I am wondering what options are available to lower the sound on my 426 with a powercore 4. I am going to re-pack it because the packing is old. Cant old packing make it louder and loose hp? So what spark arrestors or core's are available? THANKS!

You can add a quiet core to it from FMF, it's about $27. I just did it and it is a lot more quiet. (but I can feel the power loss) :)

Ok. I may go with that then because im just trying to quiet it down a bit so my dad will let me take it sheep hunting up in the mountains (ALASKA) :)

Then after that I can take it out so I can have the power back :)

way to go on trying to make it more quiet, keep it on after the hunt and keep your riding areas open!

I may end up doing that to keep the neighbors happy and then take it out when i go to the track. :)

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