oil filter part #

Anybody know the part # for the oem Honda oil filter for the BRP?



I Would Like To Recommend The Scotts Oil Filter.

Easy To Clean. You Can Clean It Every Oil Chang If You Want.

Like I Do.

(I Know You Do Not Have To. But I Like To.)

It’s a Little Pricey But It Will Pay For Its Self In the Long Run.

http://www.scottsperformance.com/index.php :):)

Thanks for the part #. I was thinking of going with the Scott's, haven't made up my mind yet. What do you do to clean it? Dip it in solvent and blow it out with compressed air?

I Spray It Out With Contact Cleaner On a Paper Towel . So I Can see What is Going On In The Motor.

Then I Run Hot Water Through It . Let It Dry. It Is Ready To Go. :)

napa gold filter part#4944 is what we use around here because i work there and get a good deal on them 4.25 each :)

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