Oil What Type?

I have a 2005 XR650L with 560 miles I changed the oil at 240 miles. I put Mobil 1 15w50 was this wise to do or should I change it? The bike runs fine.

Your probably ok, but I have read that the newer formulations of M1 15w50 have more moly. Personally if it were my bike I would leave in the oil until your next scheduled change, but then switch to either a heavy duy diesel oil, like Shell Rotella, or a motorcycle specific oil.

I run M1 15-50wt oil in my XRL, RMZ, DRZ & KX500. The XRL has about 7000 miles on it now. I think this is a good oil for the application.

Some oils, those that say energy conserving on the weight logo on the bottle, have friction reducing additives (modifiers). Wet clutches won't work with these. Too slippery. Since motorcycles with wet clutches can't have really slippery oil, the main benefit to using M1 15-50 is that it maintains its viscosity better than others.

Here's a better explanation:


I've been changing my oil at 1000 mile intervals but I think that is too often. The oil is a slightly amber at that time but seems to have the same viscosity as it did when it came from the bottle. As with the test above. I think I'll go to changing the oil at 1500 miles.

DesertWill, that was a very good article on oils. Everyone should read it. It confirms what most people think but didn't have the testing results to back up their suspicions. Another example of how were getting ripped off.

Hey, thanks for the tip! It's great on the viscosity retention issue, but it doesn't address whether using a primarily synthetic or petroleum-based product is best. Also doesn't address the moly isssue, or tell which of those products has moly in it. Does anyone know, offhand??

I always run a good quality full synth, and it runs much cooler than reg' oil.

Right now i am running a Penzoil Platinum full synth. I think its more important to change regularly and keep level checked constantly.

I am changing oil each 500mi, filter every 1000mi. :)



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