Gearing for Dual Sport and Desert Bombing Runs


Looks like I'm going to go with higher gearing for my dual sport and desert bombing runs. From the recommendation on this board, I go with 15/47 sprockets.

Someone said they run that gearing with the stock chain length and are able to swap to 14 tooth CS for tight trails... still with the STOCK chain length.

So, what is the stock chain length on the Honda XR650R??? :)

Thanks for the help. :)

15/47 is some pretty tall gearing.

If you run out of gears WOT on a bomb run with that gearing, you've got some sack.


try going with 15-48.

that way you can swap from 13-48 to 14-48 to 15-48...its a very very tight fit-but it will work (no Terraflex at the extremes)

Baja racers use 15-47 (some go as low as 15-45) but 15-48 wfo in 5th off road is going to be about dont need to go faster.

To pull this gearing you should have it uncorked AND the holes in the side of the airbox...

A 15T front sprocket in combination with the stock rear sprocket, would NOT fit my stock chain. I have read several posts in the past, who used this combination with the stock chain with no problems, but mine was so tight there was no way to get the axle far enough forward for the chain to fit. And I know it's the stock chain since I bought the bike new in '00.

So anyway I don't know what's up with that, but that's my experience with it. There is such a small amount of axle movement available, and the tire would have been like dragging the mud guard, because even with stock gearing, the tire rubs the mud guard. . So my only solution was to replace the chain with one that had more links. Sorry but can't remember the number of links used.

Now that I have a longer chain, the 15/47 gearing is great for high speed and dual sport, easily pulling over a hundred. The 650R engine is so powerful that I'm sure you could go with even higher gearing and it should'nt drag it down too much on power.


I'm down with what IronDude said and will go with 15/48.

Free IronDude! :)

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