rear light kit

I got my tail light kit from four strokes only, at least I think thats who I orderd it from, its been so long. :D:D:D Have to say Im happy with it. Took about 20minets to do the light kit and 15 min to do the license plate mount on the fender. Much cleaner and much meaner :):):D

Yeah, Andy is VERY slow when it comes to shipping !

if you want a good tip to hide wiring look in my garage pics, and use part of the stock tail rubber to cover and hide/protect wiring. I trimmed it and used contact cement to do the trick. Hasnt failed through dirt or water.

Is there anyway to speed up the shipping process?

Order 2-3 weeks before you want it. I have only purchased from FSO a couple of times, but have been satisfied with the products both times. Some things in life just can't be hurried :):)

YA thats about all you can do.

How about some pictures??? :)


Do a better job of mounting your plate than I did sooo you dont loose it like I did.

I bought the rubber for mounting the plate from FSO at the same time, and just drilled and mounted directly below light into fender. Its rock solid, lit well and legal. You just kinda bend the plate to the shape of fender :)

The plate has fit like a dreem. molded to the fender just fine. I was a little worried about getting it inspected, but this morning it went without a hitch. The guy a Honda looked it over for about a minnet with me swetting. Then he said cool. I told him that I asked a cop if I could have the sticker put on the back of the battery box because the origenal plat mount is gone and he said its ok. That is where it whent and it fits perfect. :)

I just received my taillight on Tuesday. It took Andy 6 1/2 weeks to get mine up to Canada. The taillight cost $24.95 US, and the shipping cost $16.95 US. Pretty expensive shipping, but at least I didn't have to pay any duty, taxes or brokerage fees when it crossed the border. It sure looks better than that ugly Honda thing. I silicon sealed shut those holes drilled threw the backing plate to keep dust out. I'm not sure if that was the best thing to do as I might have a moisture or heat build up problem later on, but so far so good.

Is there anyway to speed up the shipping process?

He sources a lot of stuff from Japan is what he told me when I complained about the slowness.


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