want to race??????

Here is my deal been on the 650lL for about three mounths( have 6 years of street rideing on a Harley) now I want to start looking into raceing that I can get into with the 650L. I need some sugestions on the style of raceing that the 650L fits into.

I will not be running Baha I have the average guy budjet so I need to stick with that. Could use hookup on Enduro rideing routs and clubs in Texas.

Better just sell the "L".

Decide what type of racing you want to get into, and buy an appropriate ride... :)

The ama is a good place to start.

I would think Hare Scrambles..but not sure, sorry

I just race my buddies and trail ride for fun :)

Check out offroadtexas.net.

Better just sell the "L".

Decide what type of racing you want to get into, and buy an appropriate ride... :)

Listen to him and Buy an app "R" op "R" iate bike for the job................ :)



You could also use it for dual sport rides. Not so competitive (yet organized), but this will allow you to ride with others on and off road. I think finishing one would give you quite a bit of gratification. Years ago I did a 500 mile dual sport ride (w/ XT 600) from Northern to Southern California. What a blast!

I think of my L as an adventure bike not a race bike. Lately, I've been wanting to ride it through Death Valley but every day has been windy here in the Mojave and now it's getting too hot. Perhaps I'll take a ride out to Calico Ghost town or something. Good luck in finding ur calling.

well lets see- no trials no motox no woods racing no street racing,

yeah the L is really good for dual sport rides though

GNCC? Drag racing, super moto stock class?

joking but the L is not a competition ride try an r sometime and you'll really understand. You would have the best luck in open desert racing with as little tight stuff as possible, dont know much bout texas except that everything is bigger


The XR650L is the off-spring of the XR600R and that was some what a race bike.

Money might be a factor but, a 10.5:1 piston, cam, pumper carburetor, header/muffler, uni air filter, suspension reworked, strip the bike of the extra 15~20 pounds (still can be a duel sport) lighter lights, lighter header/muffler, smog junk - file it, plastic gas tank, lot's of little stuff and you can get the ready to ride weight down to 334 pounds and put 50 horsepower to the ground :) Basicly a 650cc XR600r with electric start. Then it could be raced :)

Besides my XRL I also have a 2004 KX500. In the desert, the XRL isn’t even in the same universe with the KX. The KX is 233 pounds and 56 horses stock. Open it up and it's like hitting hyper drive. The periphery goes fuzzy; in a blink you’re going 100 mph. I can't imagine racing a 650L. Not to say it can’t be done but it’s the wrong machine for racing.

Once in a while I see the Team Honda guys riding 650Rs. But, the view isn’t long as it quickly turns into a faint cloud of dust going across the valley. I’ll swear they are going over 120 mph.

It’s better to pick the racing style your best at and prefer first. Then buy the right bike.

The XRL is my favorite bike. I use it to run to the store, hit McDonalds, go to the mountains and take adventures across the desert. The fact that it can multi-task is why I like it.

Adventure/ tore Dualsport rides sounds good to me. Thats more my speed anyway.

The XR650L is the off-spring of the XR600R and that was some what a race bike.

Now come on B dub, Didn't the XR600R win a few of them Bajas :)

Yes it did, but, the KX500 was/is better. Those races where Honda Money paying for a win :) lot's of cheating in those years. It was off the chart cheating. The riders were awesome and made the most out of the 628cc XR600R they were racing. Suspension and the extras were off the chart also, Like Honda's XR650R they race now, you can't get the same suspension if you tried. The riders are top of the line. Yes, I think they are faster then any of the compotion.

the xr650l isnt a race bike unless u put about 5000 dollars into it. And at that, you would be racing baja so forget it.

Come on, BWB! The XR600R was a race bike...with a little setup work (suspension tuning). Look what Scott Summers used to do on one that was much closer to stock than some would think. I know, Summers is a special rider, but the bike was still a part of the equation.

An XR650L + $5000 = a very nice touring bike. Don't plan on racing it anytime soon...

He just said he wanted to race...not win :)

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