Blown fork seal already?

I only have 650 miles on my 426, and I already have a leaky right side fork seal. Anyone else have this happen? Do I have to tear down now, or will this last me till the end of summer :)

Try cleaning them first. You can do this pretty easily with a piece of 35mm film. Try to get it wrapped around the fork and under the lip of the seal. Then turn it around the fork leg several times, remove, clean and repeat. Do this a few times and then you can clean the oil and dirt out of there with some carb cleaner or brake cleaner. Something that will evaporate quickly. If you have lost a lot of oil, you should at a minimum pull the fork and refill it to the proper level. This procedure is described in your owners manual. Hope this helps.


I just replaced seals and then ended up in the gooiest mud ever, about 30 miles worth. By the end of the day, both seals were leaking again. The local shop had a seal cleaner for $5 and I thought I'd give it a try. Basically, it is about the width of 35mm film. The main difference is that it has a notch cut an an angle so it traps the dirt as you move the tool around the fork. When you pull the tool out, most of the dirt comes with it. If you just use plain film, you'll end up pushing most of the dirt inside of the fork. You can easily cut a notch in a piece of film and save the $5.

The thing worked great! Now I clean the seals after every real dirty ride.

Try cleaning them first. Pop the leg off, remove the dust seal,retainer spring etc.

I have had good luck fishing around with the end of a tie wrap(zip tie)

They also make specially shaped tools for this. Fork seals don't usually leak from wearing out. Its some sort of event, damage from a nicked leg or foreign object. Good luck. :)

I use business cards, actually the paper they are made out of. Have not replace a fork seal in years after learning the cleaning method and I use to do several sets a year.

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