Fellow yz is desperado and needs help on engine assemble

:) I bought a yz 250 1996 it has a different year motor on it! The last owner did not know the year exactly, it went to a complete rebuild then on the test ride it blow a seal, on the left side were the crank shaft connected to the case. Make a long history short he is done w/this bike he do not know what cause the failure he know that he bought a new piston rod and it my be or not the right one! My question is any one knows how should I approach this problem? Were can I find a detailed manual on yz motors? It has to be more detailed than clymer and the Yamaha micro fish! Any help will be great appreciated!

Thank any one for any impute

I know it is the wrong bike but you guys are sharpe and help me a lot in fixing my yz 426 appreciate that

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