Maxxis Desert IT...Not so much!

Went out yesterday with the new tire on the rear and it was not a good experience. The tire did not give good traction on the loose granite and intermittent sandy desert conditions. My rear end was loose and wanted to come around on me all day. When I got home, the thing had chunked out worse than any tire I've seen of late. Whole lugs had cracked off completely with even more looking like "hanging chads." I think the compound is too hard for the conditions here in Reno, the Dunlop 739 I replaced did much better. I'm going to give it one or two more rides to see how it fairs, but I don't think it'll last much past that. Thankfully it was fairly cheap at $43 from Chaparral. I'll give the SI a shot next...SC

Wow that sucks... I raced from Vegas to Reno on a set of Maxxis IT's (regular), they were in good shape and wore nicely... :) I was impressed with the IT's...

hmm :) Now you got me wondering if I should stick with the Dunflops :) I was just getting ready to buy a set of Maxxis'. Now I'm gonna have to think about it. How about M12's

I was about to switch from Dunlop 756s to the Maxxis Desert IT. I actually really like the 756s, but, they wear too fast.

Maybe, I should not switch. I thought the IT would last longer. Has anyone had first had experience with both? :)

I was going to go with the IT's. But the buzz on the IT's were that they were a pretty good tire at a cheap price. Around here the prices have skyrocketed (around $65)!!! I have loved the Dunlop 752 tire. It worked great everywhere. Sadly they discontinued it. However, they have now introduced the 952, and my first impression (from 2 rides) is it is just the same if not better than the 752. It was just at $60. FWIW I'd go with it again.

The IT regulars wear great and dont really chunk at all. FAR outlast the 756's!! The desert compound must be different. :)

Since the regular IT is only $40 from Chaparral, I'm gonna give it a try. If it does the same as the Desert IT, then I'm going to the D739 and calling it good...SC

What size you running?

The 120-100-18 is the best wearing non DOT tire Ive ever run.

I have a 120 on with the the Desert IT, but I'm going back to the 110 for the new IT. I don't like the characteristics of the wider tire, it felt like it was skating around too much and wanted to come around on me...SC

I'm a 756 kind of guy these days.. Great hook up.. Plus they're easier to change than the Maxxis... :)

I ahve the si's front and rear. They have been great. I ride semi packed, soft sand, and lately fire roads and rocky trails. They have been holding up. I am seein wear. I dont want to burn them up. they are my off road racing tires. I was thinking about getting the IT. who knows.

Don't mean to hijack your thread, but has anyone tried the Michelin Desert tires? The front tire looks gnarly.

The regular IT's last a long time but are mothers to change.

Regular maxxis IT, Love them they last forever in the hard packed desert of southern AZ.

Ok in comparison I want to introduce a new tire in the list of tires in discussion. The Pirelli MT18. A similar tread pattern, and intermediate to hard terrain as well as same price range. Does anybody have any input on that tire for refrence?

I have ridden twice now on a set of Pirelli MT16's and am not dissappointed with handling or wear. So far so good on mixed terrain. The only other tire I've had on the bike were the 756, liked them too.

I have an 02 xr400, and the differences between the xr and my 05 wr450 are like apples and oranges. 2 totally different bikes. And it seems that the tires are the same way. The xr seems to work well with m12's and d606's. While the wr seems to want d756's and maxxis IT's. Can you vise-versa these tires? Why does it seem that each bike has its own cult of tires. :)

BTW...Sorry for the xr comparison :)

I have the IT an love it. Some friends ran the IT at Baja and took second with no flats and exceptable wear. What air pressure were you running and was this only on the rear?


It was a new Desert IT on the rear at 19 PSI. D756 on the front at 19 as well, with no appreciable wear...SC

19 :)

Shouldn't they be down around 12 to 14?

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