greatest rider of all time

who is the greatest rider of all time

Juha Salminen

your mom, lol.

Jeremy Mc Something

ricky carmicheal, see newest twmx!!! :)

who is the greatest rider of all time

That's Easy Malcom Smith :)

robbie knievel.


heath voss

Roger DeCoster or Ricky Carmichael.

Evel Knievel

heath voss

heath voss???? &%$#@!? im sorry but guys like rick johnson, bob hannah, jeremy mcgrath and ricky carmicheal are more of the greatest rider of all time. heath voss has won one championship, and no usa 250cc races. ricky has 12 championships and 2 perfect seasons :):)

eric estrada from "chips" :)

Heres some in my list (no specific order)

Malcolm Smith, Rodney Smith, Randy Hawkins, Scott Summers, Ed Lojak, Mike Lafferty.

it's between roger decoster or ricky carmichael w/ bob hannah or jeremy mcgrath not far behind

Dirt = Ricky Carmicheal, no question :)

Street = Valentino Rossi :)

From the old dirt days.....Roger DeCoster or Joel Robert.

Modern dirt.....Ricky Carmichael, hands down!

Old roadracing.....Mike Hailwood, Giacomo Agostini

Modern roadracing.....Valentino Rossi, nobody else is even close!

Racing on real roads.....Joey Dunlop



John Malkovich


Oh, rider, not ryder.

Too date... RC

I am the greatest rider of all time.

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