'98 400 head different than '00 426?

Does anyone know how these heads are different? (different P/N) I need a head for my 426, but the one for the 400 is cheaper.... :)


I dont think they are different.

I would guess that they are the same also.

I would say that they are probebly different because of the Ti valves in the 426. Or was their a year of 426 with steel....?????

Wouldn't the steel valves be preferable? I know they weigh more, but you wouldn't have to worry about snapping one....(not that it's a common thing!!)

2000 has steel valves, same as the 400's. If the numbers dont match then I would assume there is a difference.

If it were a spoke then I'd consider, but this is the head.

Anyone know for sure???? Hick, Gray, Indy??? Anyone?

If the numbers dont match there is a difference.

Anyone know for sure???? Hick, Gray, Indy??? Anyone?

There is no difference that I know of, but I'm not certain they are identical. I am sure enough that I would not hesitate to swap one for the other on my own bike.

If the numbers dont match there is a difference.

This is not necessarily true, sometimes the PN will change to signify a different model or different supplier despite the part being the same for all practical purposes.

There is at least one major difference in the 98/99 head versus the 00-02.

In 98/99 the hot start was separate from the carb. The intake between the carb and intake valves has a port or tube cast in that the remote hot start connects to. Using a 98/99 head on a 00 to 02 would require blocking that off or installing a second hot start like the one ty davis sells.

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