Price for Used 2004 YZ450F

What can I realistically expect to sell my 2004 YZ450F for in Virginia?

Excellent shape and low hours with White Brother's Carbon Pro pipe.

Is $3800 to much? I'm concerned that the new design of the 2006's might negatively affect the sales price.

you should be able to get 3800 for it

I would say ask 4,000 if its in good condition.

I would also ask for $4k if its in good condition. If the buyer tries to get you down dont go any lower than $3,800 though. Thats pushing it.

Thanks alot guys, that help a great deal. I didn't want to overprice it and not get any response but I certainly want to get a fair value for the bike. This confirms my ideas on the price range.

Thanks again.

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