YZ450F or RMZ-450???

What do you guys think of the RMZ-450 compared to the YZ450F??

Fit and finish on the 450RMZ's look good, but I haven't heard anything much about suspension and control. As for power I figure they can't be to far off.

One of the biggest reasons I stay with Yammies is cause they are bullet proof and they need to be with the way I ride :) After watching a disapointing debut with the RM/KX 250f motor reliability, I figure it would be best to watch for a season or two to see how the 450's hold up. Although I hear a lot about cornering/handling from honda, their motors are the reason that I avoid the hondas too.

From what I've seen and read so far, it looks good, it's supposed to turn like gangbusters, the stock exhaust sucks (aftermarket pipes add like 5-6 hp!), and they apparently have kind of a major issue with the cam chain tensioner (it's manual, not automatic).

Otherwise, I think it's interesting that they went with a 4 speed right when Yamaha decided to ditch it because no one would buy it.

I don't know what the '06 YZF's are really like yet, of course, but the RMZ isn't enough to make me jump ship.

I put several laps in on a RM450 this month. I had been putting in some hot laps on my 125 and even so felt right at home when I jumped straight onto the RM. I certainly have more trouble moving between my 125 and my YZ450. I think it’s because the RM feels shorter than the YZ450. The RM turns absolutely fantastic (like a 125) and the rear suspension worked great. I had some issues with the forks because I was bottoming them when I jumped into a whooped out area, which caused the back to lift up some putting even more weight forward. It never got ugly but I had to back it down slightly and be a little careful in that section. The power was very smooth and adequate for the track I was on. I had a little trouble with the shifting but that was probably more because the shifter was set a notch lower than I'm comfortable with.

I think Suzuki tried to keep the bike was a little quieter than the Yamaha or Honda and that is probably why changing the pipe makes so much more difference that with the other bikes.

All in all after the one ride on the RM I had decided to buy a new Suzuki if the YZ didn’t get a major update. A few days after my ride on the RM Yamaha had handed out news of the update so I will probably stay on blue. That doesn’t mean that the Suzuki wouldn’t be a great choice it just means that I get a better deal at my local Yamaha dealer than I can get at my local Suzuki dealer.


From what all the magazine's say, from the factory the bike turns better than any four-stroke made. Actually, its a little to quick for some riders...so guys who arn't so used to it can just lower the forks in the triple clamps for a little bit slower turn-in. It's also a first year bike, and no matter how good the performance is...there will be some first-year bugs that will need to be taken care of by the owner.

The YZ450F is obviously a more reliable bike, but the RMZ seems to have few mechanical flaws even in its first year. Suzuki really did their homework with their new 450. If I were in your position I would wait until the 2006 model year (in a few months) to act on a new bike. I think the new aluminum-frame YZ450F will surprise some people. Its got a totally new engine design as well.

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