Dual Sport Laws (California)???

Does anyone know where I can get information on exactly what I need to have on my wr 400 to be street legal in California? I have searched the web for hours and have not found answers to some specific questions. I keep getting different answers to the same question. How can I be sure? Questions I want to find answers to are:

1) Do I have to have a speedometer/odometer? (if so will a gps qualify)

2) Do I have to have mirrors and how many?

3) Are flush mount blinkers acceptable?

Any information would be very helpful. Thanks

good luck, i have been searching for months and cant get a straight answer. some claim they have done it, but i have yet to see one in cali.

My understanding is if you didnt do it before 12/31/03 it aint gonna happen unless the bike has an emission sticker. This is from the DMV website

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) established emission regulations for on-highway motorcycles beginning with 1978-year models. Off-highway motorcycles must have an emission label affixed to the vehicle indicating certification by the manufacturer for on-highway use when converting to on-highway or dual registration. Registration guidelines for off-highway motorcycles converting to on-highway or dual registration require verification of the emission label.

Off-highway motorcycles previously converted to on-highway or dual registration will not be subject to verification. Off-highway motorcycles year model 2003 and newer with a red sticker will not be allowed to convert.

NOTE: ATV OHVs cannot be originally registered for on highway use or converted to on-highway registration, regardless of aftermarket conversion kits or added equipment.

Please direct questions regarding emission certification or labeling to the California Air Resources Board at 1-800-242-4450 or visit their website at www.arb.ca.gov.

Check with these guys. They may have a "loop hole" <cough cough> I think the guys name is Dale?


More than anything, if you have a red sticker bike and are trying to get a plate for it you won't get passed even the dumbest DMV worker.. The first thing they do is look at the VIN number and look for the 3 or C in the 8th digit position. Dale is not a "Loophole" at all.. He's a dude that sells the best (IMO) dualsport kits on the planet. Once you get a Trickdualsport kit on your bike someone's got to sign a brake and light inspection form along with a VIN verification form that needs to be filled out by a "Peace officer",VIN verifier or a DMV clerk. No doubt the bike has all the qualifications for street use with a dualsport kit but that stuff is all fluff without a clean VIN and emissions sticker. Getting the bike fitted for street use is the easy part..

It's such BS....... :)

More than anything, if you have a red sticker bike and are trying to get a plate for it you won't get passed

Dan CJ22 has a 400 which is defiantly green stickered but probably still has a 3 or C in the 8th position of the VIN, I know my 02 426 does.

Hi/Lo Beam (must illuminate objects to no less than 115 feet away)

tail light/Brakelight

4 blinkers, (see note below, but I'm pretty sure they're required)

mirror on left to see 200 (2 not required)

battery that will power tail light 15 minutes with bike not running

DOT tires

Must be able to stob from 15mph in 32feet or less

Noise limited to 80dbA

I didn't see avthing in the CVC regarding Speedo/Odo or signals

Clear enough for ya? :)


Its even less requirements than that, go to the DMV and simply get the motorcyle license guide from the DMV, they have them laying all over the place. Its the manual you read before taking the permit test. IT has ALL the requiremnts in it, period.

If the original title does not say "offroad" or "dirtbike" on it, you can sneak it thru most of the time as a street bike. Or, get it street registered out of state, then bring it in to CA as a street bike. Thats what I did.

Wow, thanks for all the info, but I think my question might have been a bit misleading. I bought a 98 wr 400 three years ago and it already has a licence plate on it, but nothing else. No blinkers, tail light, speedo, etc. I have never ridden it on the street before, but I want to now and I do not want to be bothered by a police officer at all. I bought the Trick Dual Sport kit and installed it, but is this enough? Do I need a speedometer? Do I need two mirrors, or is one enough? Are flush mounted blinkers okay? I keep getting different information from so many different places. What do I need to make sure I do not get pulled over? :)

Congratulations, since you already have the plate. As stated, it is the hard part. Basic lighting and one mirror is typical. Dale's kit will take care of the battery/lighting issues. DOT tires are required. There is some lame rule about the distance between turn indicators here in CA. The UFO headlight and tail light assemblies that have the built in indicators do not meet this requirement. I run them, but have never been hassled about it.

What ETP said....

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