O Ring chain

I am thinking of replacing my stock chain. Maybe an RK Gold non O Ring. what do Ya guys think. Do you like O ring chains better. Also what do you think about rivets or a master link :)

I have 600 miles on my 05 and and have adjusted it once. You may get another chain but the stocker holds up well with simple maintenance. I would ride the heck out of it and use the money to buy new tires.

I agree with desracer. Unless you're changing sprocket sizes, keep the stocker. Keep it clean and oiled and it will last. Spend the money on your girl! :) Just kidding. Buy tires :)

Finally a couple of guys that know what they are talking about! :)

You hear so many cry that the stock chains are junk. They simply are missing one or more points of proper chain and sprocket maintenance.

The way to know when to change the chain out is to measure it. When it is approaching 2% of it's original length, change it out. Your sprockets will love you for it.

Never use a chain with a riveted master, unless you like throwing money away.

Most rivet only chains are very high dollar, and you cannot take the chain off for routine cleaning or any sort of sprocket change and maintenance without having a replacement master.

The optimum choice would be to run a standard chain most of the time, and mount up a ring chain for the sloppy rides.

I love the stock chains on the WRs. I too have adjusted mine once.. :)

Again the stocker is an Oring chain and is very strong. If you feel the need to replace, I vote Regina Gold O-ring. They last forever as well and are superior quality.

I got a year and 1/2 out of the stocker on my 04. Keep it until it wears out. It's a good chain!

O-ring chains last much longer with less work than non O-ring chains. The non O-ring chains have less drag and provide a little better power but at the level we are at it wouldn't matter. If it's time to replace go with the O-ring.

Don't run a chain past it's service life. When it's wore out replace it or you risk causing an expensive failure. There is nothing like being stuck deep in the woods because of a failed chain. The stock chain is not as durable as some of the aftermarket offerings.

How soon/often you will need to replace will depend on your aggressiveness, how often you ride, care given to your chain and sprockets, and conditions you ride in.

RK make a new U ring chain if you want O ring chain properties with out the extra weight.

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