Charge Charge uhhh Not Charging

99 XR650L

A couple of weeks ago, I was riding my XR and my motor stopped. Lights stayed on, but my motor stopped. I messed around, and scratched my head. I jumped my battery w/ my truck, and boom started. The second I removed the cables, nada.. Everything stopped. (But still had power...)

So I went and bought a new bike specific battery. Great.. It ran, well for about 4 hours. So I figure I have a bad battery. I take it back, and the shop tests it. It's drained but good. SO they charge it. I put it back on the bike, and great! It works again. But again... Only for about an hour or two...

I got it cranked again, and tested from + to ground... 13.6V. I test between terminals.. 13.7 V...

What in the heck is going on? Can anyone PLEASE give me hints, suggestions, or ways to test this headache of an issue? A few friends whom I ride with have suggested the regulator. How do I test that? If it is the regulator, is there an after-market one made?

I really need some help here guys, and ANY suggestions you can give me, well.. I appreciate it a heck of allot !!!!


Wow.. 3 months and no replies.. No one knows anything about charging systems on an XR650L or I'm that much of a ^(&*%( that no one wants to respond... Either way.. I'm beging for some help... I've narrowed it down to my 31600-my6-671 regulator, stator, or loose/bad wire/conection somewhere.. But I used contact cleaner, and on every place a wire plugged into something cleaned it...

If you can help or have any suggestions after 3 mos. of no preplies... I'd really... really appreciate it....

umm i think that u should prolly take it into the shop.....and no one looks at threads that are more than a week old.

I know... (sigh...) That's one of the reasons I got the 650L.. Is so I could work on everything.. IF.. IF I had it to do over, I would have gotten the 650R and I wouldn't be having the well.. same issue. But I have the L, and have modded the crap out of it. The ONLY good thing about it being down this time, is the amount of work I have been able to do to it, with all of those things I haven't had tiome for.. Butman... I am missing the ride more than anything... The shop issue is you should see our Honda Shop here... He is a RIP OFF.. His guys that work in the shop drive 1.5 hrs. down the road to Lumberton to Curry Chainsaw to buy their Hondas, because the owner won't even give them a break. They can get a better deal from a shop they aren't affiliated with... So I'm kinda out on my own on this one.. And am just at that begging for help oiint and time....


Well it sounds like a stator to me. There is an easy test to actually see if that is your problem. I cant type very fast so it would just be easier for me to talk you threw it over the phone. All you need is a meter that measure's ohms. You can pm me your number and let me know when is a good time to call if you want.

sounds as though its staying charged .. you said its reading 13.6 volts ... my suspicion would be a faulty connection in the ignition circuit if it suddenly quits running, OR a faulty connection in the starting circuit if it only fails to start ... ( I have fixed many similar situations on HD choppers running aftermarket chrome coils ... runs fine, then engine is shut off, and the engine heat caused an intermittent short in the coil ... after sitting awhile the coil cools down and bike re-started just fine ... took me a long time to pinpoint it, but it was that simple) ... dont ya just LOVE electrical problems ??? :banghead:

You have volts but do you have enough amperage to charge the batt? Maybe a wire or connection is weak it carries volts but won't carry enough amps.

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