Looking for a 2004 Stock Head Pipe Cheap and Fast!

I squashed my head pipe while trail riding and need a replacement. Does anyone have a stocker laying around that you want to part with? I could upgrade to an FMF but I'm strapped after the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. For now I just want a stocker head pipe. Anyone?

No one has one? Of course it could be the holiday and everyone but me is out riding...! Someone has to have a stocker they want to get rid of?

You can buy mine if you want to go through this much trouble. I'm only in whistler british columbia, Canada!

I have the stock Ti headpipe off my '03 WR 450. I think it's the same as the '04. Let me know, I'd pawn it off on ya. Have any use for the full exhaust? I wouldn't mind getting rid of that too.

Digital, You bet I'm interested. I only need the headpipe though. My silencer is perfect and I run the GYTR insert so I'm set. Email me offline at roostn67 @ yahoo.com (no spaces) and lets discuss!

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