Fork hight, explanation please


I would like to have an explanation of how the height of the fork is changing the behaviour of the bike while riding.


Per :)

Since your other post asked about oil height, I assume you mean the height of the fork in the triple clamp. Fork height changes steering head angle. If you move the forks up in the clamps, you will decrease the head angle (relative to vertical. this is also called a "steep" head angle). Doing this will help the bike steer more accurately and reduce its tendency to "push", or slide the front wheel sideways, but it will do so at some cost to the bike's ability to track stably in rough terrain, or at high speed.

Moving the forks back down does the opposite. It increases the head angle (makes it more "shallow"), and makes the bike track through rough sections better, but makes it more work to turn.

The adjustment in the clamps is provided for the same reason the spring preload adjustment exists on the rear shock. It's there so you can trim the suspension to different weight riders within a narrow range.

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