Just Dies?

I have a 99 wrf and it will just die, when traveling on road wide open, sounds and feels like its running out of gas. Once stopped it kicks and starts again with some work. Any ideas to the problem? i adjusted float height but still have same issue. This never happens while on trail only on long wide open runs!!!

Please Help!! :)

Checked your tank vent?

Checked your tank vent?


And Bingo was his name-O... :)

Sure sounds like the cap's not venting...... :)

Check fuel line routings and tank and petcock. Actually start from the bowl and work your back, obviosly your runnin out of fuel somewhere.

You dont have a fuel filter do ya? You guy´s ride with filters? I do.


:) Thanks guys - the previuos owner had sealed the inside of the gas cap with silicone so the tank was not venting!!!! Runs great now!!!

you saved me a trip to the shop and it was a FREE fix!!!

Awsome forum, great info - i'm hooked!!


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