What are my wheels/tires worth?

I have a 1997 XR 600 with less than 500 miles on it bought new in May 1999. I did some trail riding with a friend and intended to buy another set of wheels to switch between dirt and street until I saw what a new setup would cost me. My riding buddy moved away and the bike hasn't seen much action over the past 3 years. Title is on the way for my tag, and I'm getting 17's since I will be running 100% street. So what is a fair price for the stock setup with Shahara 3's (34 miles on them), rotors, sprockets, bearings, spacers and all? I know I would have killed to have found an extra set used 3 years ago, but they were impossible to come by.

Thanks for any advice!

I searched around, and it looks like about $1200 new. Guess I would be lucky to get half that.

I would put them on eBay, with the right listing I bet you would get half like you said pretty easy.


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