Any one try the Michelin Baja??


There is always a lot of tire talk here and haven't heard anyone mention or talk about the Michelin Baja yet. Anyone try em out? How are they if you have used them? Looks like it would hook up pretty well for a DOT tire...

i use them often.

hook up is just 'ok' - but they last a long time.

softer sidewall and less agressive pattern than the 'Desert' - a bit cheaper also.

i like all the Michelin tires.

I like the Michelin BAJA as well however I like the Teraflex better in deep sand.



"The Most Inovative, Effective MX/Cross Country Racing Tires in the World, Period!

140/90-17* & 140/80-18* Sizes for Hi power - Big bore bikes only

*D.O.T. Certified

110/90-19 &110/100-18 Sizes for strong running 250 & open class

Super deep knobs, more bite and longer wear

“Cantilevered” rim guard sidewall engineered to provide increased deflection & bite

Extra thick knobs allow recutting of worn and rounded edges without losing knob stability. Maintains maximum bite for the life of the tire

Double edge taper, wide base, self-cleaning knobs, will not clog even in gumbo mud

“Reversed Angle” leading edge of intermediate knobs, directs side thrust towards the inside when the bike is leaning into a turn

“Racing” tread rubber compounded for extreme traction

Race tire construction, super-strong steelbelted, light weight racing nylon, reduces unspring weight, increases deflection, lays down a huge footprint and controls rebound"

I run the Baja rear only all the time on the XR. Great tire in the dirt but a little noisy on the street :) Can't beat it in Baja :)

The baja my bud has is not as wide as my desert. I'm heavy dude in soft sand and think wider floats me better . otherwise I would run a baja.

I run the baja and i'm very satisfy with it, for off road anyway. It's a knoby tire so on pave it's little noisy but pretty tuff. I'm kinda curious about the teraflex, i am going to try it. But the baja is a good tire, where I ride I get all kind of terain, hard, rock, sand and*all kind of wet stuff. It's doing the job for me.

They rock and last a long time, my dad use's them on is XR650L, and the terrain that why ride is rocky, technical and nasty in the northern part of baja(tijuana).I use Dunlop, but i will swith to Michelin.

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