Better protection.

No not sex.

I was wondering if for the price of a little preformance, can you get better protection by running thicker oils, or more oil in premix? Just to make the parts last longer? Or is this a bad idea.

Better protection. Post count is 69. You are a slut.

Bad Idea......with more oil in the will actually make the engine run leaner and hotter...

the motor will run ritcher with more oil in the gas therefor cooler!

too much oil is fun, especeially castor bean oil wont clog up anyhting at all, and you'll foul less plugs too.

as far as a thicker oil i agree that the manufacturers have no idea what they are talking about when they "recommend" an oil viscosity. stupid engineers.

My favorite post count is 666 by the way, its been a while since i was at 69, well only about 12 hours:)


32:1.... the piston/rings/etc. can get by with very little. But the main bearings and other spinny things down stairs need the extra oil

So, any answers to my question? IM sonfused.,

a thicker oil for a fourstroke could be a bad thing.... it wouldnt provide as much lubrication as the thinner oil.. just run what viscosity is reccomended

A 50-50 mix of 80wt gear oil and unleaded gasoline in your 2-stroke motorcycles gas tank will result in minimal engine wear, even after several years of trying to start it.

You are welcome.

the motor will run ritcher with more oil in the gas therefor cooler!


the main jet is what controlls the rich or lean condition.... when you have more pre-mix oil in your gas, you have more oil lubricating your rod bearing and main bearing... it also makes your plug foul out sooner due to more deposits on the plug

so its not runing rich, but burining more oil

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