Mi. Bike Conversions

Ok, I think I am ready to get my bike plated. I live in Michigan. Anyone from Michigan drop me a line and tell me what I need to do know or do. I got my Baja kit on and my mirror, anything else?


Now I need to learn to type and make sentences!!!! :):D:D:D


I would imagine DOT tires. Take it down to the DMV and see if it passes. If not, they will let you know what to do. I took my WR down to the DMV because I bought it out of state, and all they did was take the VIN number. They were supposed to inspect it, but the guy didn't look at anything but the engine code. Granted, this was not for street approval, but you might get it by, depending on how attentive they are.

I'm from MI... and to get a plate here you have to get it inspected by a cop and he checks off all the appropriate box's and signs a form that you take to the Sec of St with your proof of insurance and proof of ownership to get your plate.

You can call a local police station and request an inspection... and either trailer it there or they will come to your place.

You technically need :

>R view mirror (doesn't say how big ... some use a bicycle cheapie or buy some sort of enduro company made model)

>Horn (doesn't say how big or what kind... most guys use a cheapie squeeze bicycle horn)

>Headlight and tailight and rear brakelight (brakelight operated by the brake footpedal switch that should have been in your Baja kit)

>DOT tires.... (some of the cops check this, many don't)... but I have specifically heard of "Up North" cops checking this looking for a reason to give a ticket just because he didn't like the fact that "dirtbikes" were riding through his town.

Turn signals are not required.

(but then you have to use proper hand signals at turns)

That should cover it.

The headlite has to have a hi and lo beam plus an indicator light to let you know the hi beam is on. Mine does not and the police officer didn't care. But who knows?


Yeah... I started to write something about that twice... but because there is confusion over it, I didn't.

Here is the way I understand it.

Some counties and municipalities have that box on their forms to be checked off for some reason.

But not all.

But the State of Michigan does NOT have the "high beam indicator" wording in their "Uniform Vehicle Code" book... so the locals have no leg to stand on in court... and most of the cops ignore the box on the check list... but a few of them occasionally make an issue of it... but they will lose if challenged... and you can simply get another cop or locality to do the inspection.

It is a triviality... and you really shouldn't have to worry about it.... But for some reason when you tell a cop that his form is incorrect and doesn't follow the Michigan Uniform Vehicle Code... they don't like it.

I think in 9 cases out of 10... you will have no problem.

The cop that inspects mine is an Enduro rider.... nooo problem.

I agree with what DeBarker said, I have made 4-5 bikes street legal in michigan. I have had the Sec of state ask to see the receipts for things you bought to make the bike legal though, maybe to see if you paid tax on the stuff.

I think you need a license plate light also.

One hint when you have a cop inspect the bike, make sure the bike is quiet! I was refused once when the cop said the bike was too loud. I took the bike home, removed a few supertrap plates, then went back. It passed then.


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