my graphics are coming off.What should i use to glue them back on? :)

3m spray adhesive?

Graphics on dirtbikes are like tags on a mattress, they're beggin' to get yanked off. Go ahead and pull 'em, get used to naked plastic and ride man!


let 'em peel, then, when they come off while riding, tell all your friends that you were going soooo fast your bike started coming apart....then get new ones..hehe

oh tru

why did you post that here :)

no way, there alot of money. 11 sec dry grip glue. called "grip it" i think? but its awesome

why did you post that here

why not

and who made u monetor???

Flour and water???

Good luck gett'n them to stick again! Spray adhesive 3M for plastics.

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