Floppy kickstarter

G'day, anyone else experience a floppy kickstarter? when im riding it wants to come out and gets in the way, anyone know how to fix it?

cheers - Brett :)

I'd venture to say for the age of your ride that the detent ball and spring that are supposed to keep the kickstarter in place are frozen up. Take a look and you'll see it needs a little cleaning and some grease to get it back working again.

I'm not sure if the manual has a good exploded view of the parts I'm referencing, I'll check.

I referenced yamaha's website. The ball and spring are #20 & 21. You may want to replace #23 (o-ring) if it's dead, that helps to keep dirt from getting up around the ball. Some cleaner, and grease will be you friend in this area :)


thanks heaps trailriderjoe., that helps a lot :)

Huh, my kickstarter is like the day is was when I bought it new. Of course, I never use it with the e-satrt. :) My 426 started to get wobbly also. I'd remove it, clean out the dirt and lube it, seemed to help a bunch.

I had to replace my floppy one, ahem, kickstarter earlier this year on my '99. I tried a new o-ring and did the kind of maintenance suggested above, but it didn't help. I found a used kickstarter on eBay in good condition for about $40. It's much better now.

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