valve length 99 400

Hi, just thought i'd ask as well, does anyone know the stock (new) length of the valves for a wr400 99, ive got the clymer manual and it states every dimension except the length

cheers - Brett


You really don't care about the over all length of the valve. You care what it needs to be shimmed at as an assembly once put back into the head with the retainers, bucket, etc...

But I am curious if even my 05 Yamaha manual notes it? I'll check.

Just as I thought, it doesn't.

They talk about the stem diameter and runout dimensions but not the length.

Obviously they talk in detail about the head, seat and margin.

hmm, the only reason is to see if i can put 450 kibblewhite black diamond valves in, rather than the white diamond ones for the 400. ive checked all other specs and it 'seems' that it 'should' work. but wanted to double check

has anyone put black diamond valves in a 400?

That makes for a darn good reason why! :)

so does anyone know whether it can be done? or the length of the 99 valves?

would like to get some black diamonds...

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