just keeps fouling plugs.......

Jetted the carb for the summer heat. "04 WR450" ALT.300, temp 97,high humidity.165 main, 48 pilot,40 leak, 1.75 turns out.....Put in clean air filter. Rode the bike about 10 minutes, pulled the plug "BLACK". The bike seems to have great power in the 1/2 to wide open range. there is a definite big bog off idle. And bike is "VERY" hard to start. Have tried 160 main, and tried different turns on the screw. What do yall think????????


What is your elevation there in Arkansas?

about 300' .....yesterday was 98 with heat index of 103...well i just found a bolt missing....NEW THREAD..."WHAT IS THIS"....THAT GOES INTO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE HEAD @ THE EXHAUST VALVE. PLUGGED IT AND EVERYTHING IS GREAT. STARTS EASY, GREAT POWER, AND NO BOG AT ALL!!!!!WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT.......................................

You will always see a black plug unless you are riding high speed for extended intervals, then shutting it right down and checking. Black in color doesnt mean fouled. Fouled would be when the spark jumps across down inside instead of the normal gap, usually a missfire under accel or what we call "shooting ducks". Remember, trail riding, idling are usually going to show signs of running rich. Does it run OK? If so, trying going leaner till it starts affecting performance, then go the other way a smidge to dial it in.

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