New Owner of WR426F

Hello all, I have just recently purchased an 02' WR426. This is a great bike I just love it, puts my 82' IT465 to shame. Any how I hear some things about retrofitting the airbox because it has some faults. If anyone knows anything about this I sure would like to fix it. Also what about the damn restrictions on the carb. These bikes only have half throttle is there any fix to this?? Well I just want to say good riding to all WR riders. Thanks all :)

I cant help you with mods because when I bought mine it already hauled azz.

You are going to love this careful and have fun

Welcome you made a good choice :)

Take the time to browse this forum. You'll find tons of valuable infos on free mods for your wr.

Normally the air box mod is mainly to remove the snorkel and the lid to increase the air flow in the carb. If there is a retrofit to gain a better access to the ait filter I'd be glad to hear it too.

As for the slide adjustement you have to either cut (do a search for the proper lenght) the existing throttle stop screw or replace it with the YZ model.

The autodecomp 2003 YZ 450 cam, a yz seat and large tank combo, YZ pipe are all nice things to put on a 2002 wr. :)

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