Almost seized it....

Today wasn't a good day :) It started out as a great ride in some awesome mountain single track. Then we came to a large creek crossing and I made it through the creek fine, but going across a steep sloped side bank next to the creek I lost the front end on a loose rock and my bike and I went for a swim in the stream.

The bike did ingest some water, the oil was somewhat milky. Luckily it didn't hydro lock. I left the group and got the bike back to the truck and dumped the oil, filter and flushed the motor out. I ran it and changed the oil again. It started and ran fine so I decided to meet back up with the group to try and salvage the day.

Well during the frequent oil changes I apparently made the idiotic mistake of forgetting to torque the motor drain plug. I got to the parking lot and started it up and while it was idling warming up for a few minutes I guess the plug fell out and so did the oil. I only took off a couple of feet and it started to die so I killed it and it felt like it .

I let it cool down and thankfully was able to kick it through slowly. I put the plug back in filled it wit oil. It was rough to kick but eventually I got it started and it runs OK and kicks over normal. I hear a new noise in the motor sort of a whizzing. It sounds like its coming from the counter balancer.

I still need to change the oil and check the filter again but do you think I did any major harm? I remember hearing about other having problems with a noise from the counter balancer shaft, what is it and how do I fix it?

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

I really need to safety wire my plugs to avoid this happening to me...

It is possible that the noise was there before, but you didn't hear it until you were listening for a noise after this mishap.

I checked a couple of things out today. My oil filter was fairly glittery with shavings, about what it looked like after break in when I did a top end. I popped the valve cover off and couldn't really see any visible damage. The cam sprocket teeth all had little marks on them but I can't remember if they were there last time I had it apart. I took the stator cover off and things looked OK in there except I can somewhat wiggle what I think is the the CB shaft when I push on the weight. I haven't torn into the clutch side to see if it would be the CB key or not.

It's a whirling sound while in neutral that increases with the revs coming from around the stator what sounds like the CB shaft. What would cause a new noise from running it low on oil?

After I got it to start is ran as if normal. I dumped the oil again and it came out looking fine. . It lost the drain plug and did start to seize while it was running but after I filled it with oil again it act as if nothing had happend. I'm sure it would be smart to pull it apart to check things out but if it would be OK I'd like to be riding it not working on it.

I've been reading some of the similar posts from the past but I could use some advice, so if anyone would care to chime in I'd appreciate it.

The engine is on borrowed time, strip it and sort it otherwise you could be doing the same with a rod through the be the judge, Best Of Luck

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