Tera Flex tires.....

Where do you guys get Tera Flex tires. Is there a good site to order from. My buddy found one site, Motorace.com, but they only offer two sizes, niether of which I want. Thanks it advance. BnB.

Will the 150 X 90 tire fit in the 03 swingarm?

The 150/90 is actually the same as the old 140-80-18 that is a new measuring standard or a typo. The 140/80-18 will just fit in our swingarms. Check out www.onoffroad.com for the 140 size. :)

The 150/90 is actually the same as the old 140-80-18 that is a new measuring standard or a typo. The 140/80-18 will just fit in our swingarms. Check out www.onoffroad.com for the 140 size. :)

Size wise they're the same or very similar, but they're not the same tire as they used to be. The 140/80 you may be used to was made in the USA and was steel belted, etc. The newer 150/90 is made in China and does not have steel belts and it chunks much quicker, doesn't last as long, etc.

Bad news! I love the old Tera-flex. has anyone mounted or run the new 150/90 on their WR450? They are a lot cheaper then the old design.

The good news is the new tire is ~2lbs lighter than the old one, but two people I've heard from who have used it have mentioned they're only getting about half the life from the new tire when compared to the old one. That's what I heard, but I do not know that for fact from personal experience, so take this with a grain of salt until you try it yourself to know for sure how well it works for you in your application. Both guys I mentioned earlier used these tires in west (SoCal & Baja), which is quite different than Indiana. It may still be a killer for the areas you ride in.

The last Teraflex I bought was in the early 80's from Dick Cepek which was used on my '83 Yamaha IT490. I've only ridden other people's bike's with the Teraflex in the last couple years and I did not like it at high speed or in rutted singletrack, or on corners with defined lines preceeded by braking bumps, etc. It was great for the sand, fun in the mud and seemed to wear very well on many terrains including pavment, but I didn't care much for it otherwise unlike many others who raved about it. I hope it still works very well for you, but I'd recommend trying one of the newer ones first before stocking up :)

Good to know. On my WR I have no issue with high speed stability yet some of my TT buddies do have that complaint. :) As far as the added weight it is just more flywheel for me! :D I love the tire in nasty rocks and roots and mud! It just hooks up to everything! :) I hope the new one is as good. It is 25% cheaper so if it has less life that is OK.

I went to my dealership today and did some research. They did not know that the Tera Flex had changed. We pulled one old one(140/80/18) and one new one(150/90/18). The differences are very visable. The tread pattern is not the same, the dimples in the nobbies are much smaller. The old ones say 'Made in the USA' on them, the new ones say ' Made in China'. And oddly enough, the new one weighed more than the old one. According to the scale at the store the old one was 18.5 lbs and the new one was 19 lbs. They only had one old one left in stock, so I bought that sucker($89.99), I just had to see what Indy and the others are raving about. I hope someone will have some of the old ones left in stock. Hope this helps you guys out. I was sure happy to be armed with the info that you guys have given me. Thanks, BnB.

I will have to try a new one but smaller knobbies on that tire design will defeat the advantage of the original Tera-Flex. :) Someone that has had both the new style and old style please give us a ride report comparison. Thanks :)

www.mandhtires.com GOOD service, GOOD prices and you can order online with NO problems. :) They even wish you Good Luck, now that is services.

Thank You John and I will be ordering more soon. :)


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