06 kx250f

do yall guys think this will be a good bike? will the stiffer springs have any effect on the valves? has anyone gone from a 125 to a 250f and do you like the change? thanks

everyone that i have talked to who made the switch to a 125 to 250f has been happy. 250f's are so much easier to ride.

yea i switched from a 2000 kx125 to an 04 kxf and i went from last to top 3 in the 125 c class big difference gives u a lot more confidence

yea i stepped up from my 85 with a punchy powerband to a 250f and loved it, first day my confidence was better and i felt more comfortable...they give you the feeling that you can do any jump or pass anybody around you with a simple twist of the throttle....i've had mine 3 days and ridden 15 hours on it already..lovin every minute of it.....

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