bike stands

thinking of buying a bike stand like one of those lift stands but not sure which ones are the good ones to buy i don't wanna spend a lot but still want one that's good ... i was looking at those FMF stands not a bad price and looks like it would work well and the bike won't fall off when i'm working on it....but iwant to hear your opions thanx

thats not a bad lift $70 ain't bad i was thinking of buying one of those motorcycle stands from shucks for $50 but my friend got one and those things are heavy as hell i don't wanna hassle if i want to take it with me if i go riding ...

The FMF is one of the better looking aluminum lifts I have seen, but I've never seen one under a bike, so I can't speak from experience. I have two aluminum lifts from AC (the same stand is available with a number of brand names on it), and they aren't spectacular, but they hold the bike well enough to use while working on it, and they're light. Unless they've improved on the little lever you're supposed to be able to step on to drop the bike, you'd just as well take it off as soon as you get it. Don't pay more than $55 for one of this type.

I have a Motosport Products P12 lift stand and it works great.Now I will have to get another one when my 450 comes in.

I use a rubbermaid step stool. It's just about the right hieght to get both wheels off the ground and cheap cheap cheap....

Make sure when you do buy a bike stand, get the kind that has the rivits below the rubber pading. The rivits will scratch the hell out of your glide plate. My glide plate is carbon fiber so it was a big factor in my selection. I bought the moose stand and the rivits are below the rubber pad, good stand but you have to lift your bike manually. If you own a 450 you should be able to pick it up and set it on the stand! Go do some push-ups! :)

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