At last the pig is running!!!

:) Just to thank all you guys for the advice while I was rebuilding the bike! I ditched the aftermarket rings and bought a genuine Honda oversized set...No smoke, bags of torque and the engine is so much quieter!

So if I've learnt anything, it would be that you get what you pay for and always buy genuine factory spares when possible!

Just need to break the engine back in now before I unleash the beast properly!


P.s. If anyone is looking for a cheap way to protect your frame tubes where your boots rub, try hoover hose! Its cheap, easily cut to shape and so flexible. Available in many colours as well! Just cut a piece to length, slit it up its length, trim away any bits where tubes/ brackets are in the way and zip tie it on! Sounds crazy I know but I think it looks quite good and its only cost peanuts. Trust me, everyone will be wearing them next season....

Hoover hoses? Got some pictures?

Hoover hoses? Got some pictures?

what he said.....

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