03 wr450 starter clutch etc.

Hello, I have the 04 starter motor and I know what I need for the 04 upgrade, but what about the starter clutch, I'm pretty sure mine is cactus. Do I fit an 04 clutch ? Thanks in advance.

if you mean the starter clutch on the back of the flywheel, i'm pretty sure '03 and '04 are the same.

be aware, the "starter clutch drive gear" may be damaged also. it's the large gear on the back of the flywheel. part of the gear is a hub that fits inside the starter clutch. it's what the clutch makes contact with when engaged and can be damaged if your old starter clutch slipped of grabbed a lot. pull the flywheel and remove the starter clutch. if the long spring that wraps around the out side of the teeth (?) is broken or stretched out, the clutch is wasted. check the contact area on the hub of the gear for damage.

ok, i just checked part numbers at bikebandit.com, the the starter clutch has the same part number for '03 and '04. the "starter clutch drive gear" does not. the crank shaft end diameter was increased for '04, so the gear was changed to fit on it.

Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

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