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Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

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Those rims are awesome! Where did you get them at and how much?:thumbsup:

Thanks! I love them too:ride:

Those are marchesini and are sold from them for WR250X.

I bought it in Japan so I don't know about local carriers but

Motostrano carries them. They are on sale and cost you $1,830.00.

Where did you get the yellow plastics for the X?

The yellow plastic was a limited version only sold in Japan.

They sold it with the bike.

I was asked before if I could get it but the dealers wouldn't sell it seperately.:ride:

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primarily a dirt bike but my buddy suckered me into getting some SM rims and tires (didnt want to buy another bike). have gotten a SM front fender and 320mm ront rotor since the pics. couple 100+ miles rides so far and it pretty addicting.




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I got the RM250 number plate mounted last weekend (the little carbon fiber stickers cover up some holes :thumbsup:).

New bars and new sprockets/chain are next after this weekends trackday.




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Engineerjoe, nice bike. What speedo is that? Thanks.


That is a $15 schwinn bicycle speedometer from walmart. To calibrate it correctly, the number that you enter in the setup was just the diameter of the wheel in mm times PI (to get the circumference of the tire). The magnetic pickup is located below the brake caliper and the magnet is bolted through the rotor. I had to solder in a longer wire to make it fit.

It's more accurate than the stock speedo and weighs almost nothing.

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