Stock jetting on 02 426 too lean?

Hello, i have had my 02 426 for about 4 months now with no problems what so ever, but i have heard from some people that the stock jetting is too lean and was wondering if this was true?? and what jett should i change if i should change them??

Thanks alot

Too lean for what?

It depends on conditions, I would not say the stock jetting is too lean for everybody, but it may well be too lean for where you are riding it.

If you ride at or near sea level in cool temps it may benefit from richer jetting. If you have no complaints about the way your bike runs just ignore whatever "some people" are telling you about your bike's jetting.

If you want to try some different settings and need advice on how to go about this just ask, there are a lot of TTalkers experienced in this regard.

ok thanks alot

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